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Volume 6, Number 1, Year 2004

Sleeping Position,Dream Emotions,and Subjective Sleep Quality

Mehmet Yücel Agargun M.D, Murat Boysan M.A., Lutfu Hanoglu M.D.

This study was aimed to examine the relationship between sleeping positions,dream characteristics,and subjective sleep quality in normal subjects.Sixty-three healthy subjects (45 males and 18 females)were included in the present study.Of these participants,41 were grouped in right-side sleeping position and 22 subjects were in left-side sleeping position.The subjects were interviewed in terms of dream recall frequency,vividness,bizarreness,nightmare frequency,and dream emotions suggested by Hartmann et al.PSQI was also administered to the subjects.The rate of nightmar sufferers was significantly higher in left-side sleepers (40.9%)than in right-side sleepers (14.6%).Relief-safety was more common among right-side sleepers than the others.Global PSQI score were significantly lower in right-side sleepers than left-side sleepers.These findings suggest that dreaming and sleep quality may be affected by body posture.(Sleep and Hypnosis 2004;6(1):8-13)

Keywords: sleeping position, dreaming, dream emotion, nightmare, sleep quality, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), cognition
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